Third Party Registration

Hi, My self Lakshmi Narasimha from Andhra. We have a individual house at Housing Board Colony. My father purchased it 18 years ago. At that time registration not made by APHB colony Dept. as it was going on installment process and as well they were not open for any registration process. Now its all done & we cleared all the Installments and went for Registration process, but APHB colony saying that we found a conflict in sale deeds between, A. APHB colony Dept.---1st Buyer (Initially who bought house from APHB) B. 1st Buyer ---2nd Buyer (We only purchased from 1st Buyer) In case A. 1st buyer signed in English in APHB sale deed. in case B. 1st buyer signed in local language in our sale deed. Now APHB team saying we need clearance certificate or NOC from 1st buyer to start registration process. As we searched every where where buyer stay. unfortunately 1st buyer died and no one else from the family to take legal hire as well. From our end, Sad, my father died 14 years ago but we have legal hire and have necessary documents, APHB team viewed that legal certificate and said it acceptable. But the problem is language version of signature. APHB team saying we also don't know what to do for registration process. can you please share your thought to do best. Please let me know, If you need any other information. Thank you. Lakshmi Narasimha.