mental torture from my mother in law and father in law

I m maried .n its been only 1n half within dis passage i hav gone through many tortures from my mil n fil..i cant hav my privacy with my husband.wenever i n my husband had talk my mil stands near our door n listens everythng n aftr dat she creates unneccesary issues .a fight at times with husband is normal everywere bt tthe thing is my inlaws wenever a small fight also hapens ,immidiately call my parents and tell them to take their daughter..this has hapnd many times..they always tell oders dat i hav separated their son frm dem which is nt true.dey always taunt me by telling dat u r filling ur dad's place with their money .i cant bear all dis husband understands dat i m right bt in d end dey emotionally make my husband listn to thm.i hav no 1 who with me .todae wen i m pregnant they still dnt care..dnt leave a single sec to mistreat me..they want to see everythng dat i n my husband buy.which in todaes world no1 likes.we live in rent dey always threatn me to go at moms place always tell dat d house is in name of us u are no1 just leave us.dey r nt ready to give separate house so dat reltions will b also maintaned n peace we all my husband is also nt ready for a separate house he wants both .i amd his parents too. .they dont need me nw.they want me.n my husbannd to get divorced..we both r happy in us bt my inlaws hav creatd much stress for me..this is hapng many times .i hav recorded some audios too bt i dnt knw wat to do nw m helpless as girl name is always spoiled n n tention dat my parents will hav is oder .in dis case what can i do .i n my husband cant live without each i cant live with my inlws nymore.plz i request to help me.