harrased by father in law,mother in law n sister in law

Hello,I'm Shubhangi sarda from Hyderabad, I have completed 7 year of my marriage and I have two kidz.from the day 1 of my marriage I was harrased by my sister in law n mother in law but because of family pressure and husband and society I never raised my voice.my in laws used to harrase me for the food and wen I was pregnant m in laws did not allowed my husband to support me ,so I asked for divorce but my husband convenienced me n again after first child birth my mother in law demanded many things n again their was an issue n my parents tried to solve n again after a year I was pregnant and same thing repeated they harrased me a lot,and again after my second child birth I was convinced also family pressure,I was not well again I was harrased by my in laws they did not care for me not even my husband and again I compromised but again they started harrasing me saying I eat a lot etc., so I have decided to depart from my in laws so again they have started harrasing me n my husband, so please I need your help to take my gold which was given to me in marriage n all other stuff which my mother gave and they are saying my husband to not work in their business. Plz help wat to do again my husband is on their side n harrasing me saying I don't have money wat can I do,they are harrasing my parents,.