Case against Muncipality filed - - Verdict not at all useful !

Hello All, I am a sincere tax payer and always been regular in paying taxes to local municipal corporation. There were multiple issues regarding Property Tax Valuation (emergency of filing a case raised because Water and Electricity facilities were cut off within 24 hrs of notice from them)and I filed a case in High Court.Got Verdict which is not at all useful for me. In brief the verdict was "it is illegal and out of jurisdiction for municipal corporation to cut off Water & Electricity as they are not under municipality but other bodies;the concerned officials may consider the representation of the applicant and resolve the matter accordingly " This is insane....I know that local municipal corporation doesn't have authority and it is beyond their jurisdiction to act so.To know this I need not waste three months of my time and money in filing a case in High court and getting a verdict.What justice is done here !!! My intention was to get compensated from municipal corporation for their illegal operations beyond power or atleast the concerned official must be suspended on this behalf but instead verdict gives me no justice.At least I deserve a mental relief if not monetary !!! Is there any possibility to make the concerned official be punished for his illegal and unjust operations ??