property dispute

- my father purchased a plot from orinal allotee in a group housing society. - plot was transfered to my fathers name on bais of power of attorny given by origianal allotee. -plots were purchased and sold on basis power of attorny only. -later build house on it. -society started transferring plots to individual names of owners. -sugested by experts that the person on whose name power of attorny is done better transfer the property to someone in family rather than own name to be on safer side. -suggested if transfer happen to be on name of person to whom power of attorny is done will create problem later on. -so if a person on whose name of power of attorny is transferred to their wife's name.Around 70 plots transferred in same maner(Fact can be verified) -my chacha who was active in office works of society now president of society who resides on our first floor transferred plot to his own name in a very cunning manner without letting my father understand things. -any kind of money in kind or cash was not taken from him. -he becomes dishonest. -refused to transfer back plot. -later said that he will pay us 70 lacs of upper floor and did power of attorny to half portion in favour of my father in tehsil. father agreed under pressure due to marriage of elder son due to loss of reputation at that time point of time. -never paid money -now threatening to cancel power of attorny and throw us out of house. what should we do