Purchase Agreement Land sale

In 1981 a group of temple priests who has all the rights on temple lands(45 acre) made an agreement with Party A to sell the land to Party A. Party A paid part of the money but did not go for registration and didn't pay the full amount also. In 1986, due to the steep increase in prices, Party A went to court that the priests did not honor the agreement. Meanwhile the priests made plots and sold land to 600 individuals. The plots changed multiple hands during time and all these people do not know about the court case. Over the time the prices increased. Priests and Party A came to an understanding. Now priests agreed before the court to register the land in the name of Party A. District Court ordered in 2011 to register the land to Party A and asked Party A to deposit the remaining amount. Meanwhile, some of people who bought plots came to know this. By this time, there are two colonies grew there. Some of colony people formed an association and went to high court requsting a stay on district court orders. Still most of colony people are not aware of this entire story. New people were buying plots, constructing houses. Some people sold flats. Finally high court vacated the stay because the members of colony association didn't honor the court directive to not alter the property structure, ownership etc during the case. But the issue is no one is aware of court case. The association has only few members. Registrar office was allowing registrations. Party A misinformed high court that it's still agricultural land and one piece. The real situation is there are 600+ families. Now party A wants to register the land as per district court order. What's the solution and how to stop this? none of 600 current owners got any notices till now. How to convince the high court that it's the work of land mafia.