jointly worked in my father business

Sir, i had worked in my father factory (proprietor concern, my father is the proprietor) for 13 years, after completion of my engineering, he took me to the factory by promising that i am the only son who can do the factory business and the other two are unfit for the business activities, listening to my father, at that time i dint know anything about the law or time limits of court cases. i worked in his factory with out any salary or any benefits, there was no attendance for me since he used to tell me he is is son i need not put any attendance signature because the factory is ours and son should not take a salary it all belongs to sons. Sir i am the first wife son my mother is no more she was dead when i was just like 2 months old, her death is also unnatural. after that that he married to one more women where she bore 2 more boys, they are half brother to me now. i have only proof that i worked in his factory is the correspondence letter to the govt companies in the capacity of CAO. we earned lot we constructed buildings, brought gold everything was in his name, since it is a business profit and loss are there, now we are in profit level. after my marriage he quarreled with me and said not to come to his factory any more my service is not required to him. now i have come out without money with out any benefits, instead i am being said that all these years he fed me he got cloths he educated me and got married also, today i am married got 2 kids and struggling to bring back my life to normalcy, he even making arrangement to part facotry, money and land to my half brothers, stating that all wealth and land are his self earned and i cant do anything to stop. now i am wondering all these years i worked with him in his factory, today i have nothing left. can any body help me or guide me to get back my lost wealth , money and property. my energy my knowledge is all wasted on his favor , the only draw back is all the property and factory are in my father name, which is self acquired by him. my work has increased the profit and able to earn more.