u/s 498 A & 407

A false case was filed by my in-laws by convincing my wife (by taking her off medication. She is suffering from schizophrenia, and also by influencing the Police) in the year 2013 u/s 498A, 407 in lure of her assets (house and business - bought by me, she was always a housewife). However, driven by similar delusions, she returned back in early 2014. The Police investigated and evidence collected corroborated all that has been stated above. The previous Investigating officer was replaced with a new one due to routine transfers. The Police has now filed a charge sheet in the case and a copy has been given to me. Surprisingly, all major evidences and statements (written by my in-laws in their own handwriting) have not been included in the charge sheet and neither has the Police requested for any action u/s 182/ 211 CrPc. I'm sure that the integrity of the investigating officer is compromised and that he is acting in favour of my in-laws. Request you to kindly advice as to how can those documents and statements be bought to the court?