action to take for dowry case & neglecting pregnant woman

Hello sir, I am a graduate 26 years old married to a mechanical engineer 30 years old soon after completion of my exam (April 28 2014). I got married him on May 8 2014. My father-in-law is an advocate and mother-in-law is a house wife whose education is up to primary school, strong supporter of old superstitious practices like black color is very harmful and so on. No one is able to convince her that now a days superstition has no place in family life. Because my mother-in-law is the niece in relation to my father as she is a daughter of a cousin sister, my father took quick decision to approve our marriage proposal without taking long time to make detail inquiry to their family member behavioral information.During the process of marriage settlement some questions had arisen regarding dowry, but my father-in-law evaded the answer in very cunning way there is no need of dowry. After living in his family about 8 months i realize that their internal wish was dowry and every word of my father-in-law was pretension.That's why they are teasing me in every aspect. I am not going to mention here so much detail that how they teased me. I tried to adjust with them being embarrassed with hope theirs attitude will change with passage of time. But my father-in-law was so cruel that he does not like i am getting pregnant ,as per his wish i should have pregnant after four years of my marriage and engage to do any job because i am an educated lady. I am not against the job, i am searching a job in my domain in good package which will take time. But my father-in-law don't understand that. And after marriage i was pregnant.Which was against his wish. According to his wish my age will be 30 years and healthy child is expected within 22 to 25 age of woman. And i am 26 years old now. They do not provide me healthy food, fruits etc during first trimester of my pregnancy and continue to tease me. Because of which i became weak. Generally every woman face vomiting, morning sickness, hormonal changes etc in first trimester of pregnancy. But every thing has a limit. I can't tolerate their mental torch-our. When i complained these things to my husband he started angry with me and left me alone in my bed room and slept with his parent's bed-room. Next day morning when i brought all these things in front of them, my father-in-law called my parents over phone and made argument for long time describing different undue complaints against me what hurts me mentally a lot during my carrying in stage in the presence of my husband. Till today i have been living for three months at my parental home.During this period my husband is not responding my phone call,e-mail, sms. Now I am feeling very uneasy with growing baby inside my womb whose father is keeping distance.I need periodically medical check up. Being a father why he is not visiting me or not taking any interest to ask about my health. Even i asked my father to meet my husband personally at his residence. When he arrived there and asked about my husband to my father-in-law, he pleaded that my husband is not there though my husband is inside home. We got to know it from their neighbor. Why is he hiding himself? I want to resolve this situation and my husband take the responsibility of mine and my unborn baby. In future i want to stay with my husband peacefully without interfering of his parents in our personal life. Because maximum time i noticed that they took advantage of our small conflict and make a big issue. Initially my husband take care of myself but not now. Why? What step to be taken in this case? I expect amicable solution of my problem. Need your advice. Recently we have submitted this case to NCW on-line. Need times to register. But need your further suggestion. Is it possible to stay with my husband in future but not with his parents? Regards.