Can we challenge police case in court

If a traffic police inspector put a false case u/s 186/506 IPC . But accused just voilate the traffics rule and just challenge the inspector accordingly to the new rule of RTI Act ( Traffic) that accused will show the paper within 15 days . This where the conversation between inspector-in-Incharge of Traffic but he angry and put the false case against accused . Accused where taken in Thana near about 18:00and make accused to be seated outside the lockup and near 19:25 - 20:00 . Inspector of traffic send reporting through is constable in Thana and Thana duty office accepted the report and put the above mention charges to accused and accused where put the bail Bond and out of same day from Thana . Now question why inspector-in-charge of traffic had taken such time to give complain if accused had done that mistake according to police .Accused have all recording and time where police harrress the accused . Can accused challenge the case in Court and ask for SDO investigation on this matter Can accused apply go for RTI act regarding the video recording of Thana and incident day duty detail of inspector in charge of traffic through RTI act .