Teachers salary

Dear Sir, I have been working in a private unaided reputed school of Delhi since July 2010. The vacancy was a fresh vacancy and i was offered the job on i year contractual basis which was renewed in the year 2011 too. When i asked to regularize me and give me salary as per sixth pay commission, the school simply refused to pay me. In fact the in the third year the school did not even give me the appointment letter to specify any rules and regulations. When I persisted the matter, they warned me against making any fuss. Helpless I continued to work. But all the same I, using a fake name, complained to the CBSE and Delhi Directorate of Education about the matter in 2012. My complaint was probed and then to my surprises in 2013 April i got the letter from CBSE that my complaint was disposed off. when I asked for the grounds for this disposal, they did not respond to my further RTIs. Now it has been 5 years, but I am not getting salary as per govt. recommendations. And i am not the only one for getting manipulated salary of just Rs. 22,000 against actual salary of around Rs.45,000, all such teachers that joined the school after the year 2008 are getting the same kind of salary. Even those that joined the school before the year 2008 are getting manipulated grades, though they are regularised teachers. Now sir i am on the virge of getting termination as i am being more vocal for my salary rights. So please advise me how i can approach the court to help me get back wages of last 5 years. Yours sincerely a teacher