assault by husband. custody of minor

Sir/Madam im victim of mental and physical abuse in uk. my husband treated me as a servant,i suffered humiliation from his family. when i wished to go back to india to work he refused to send me and my son. and he demanded i hand over our passports to him.when i refused he assaulted me and threatened to kill me. i call the uk police and they put him in cell for the night. next morning he cut my phone lines and prevented me from contacting anyone for help. i someone managed to leave the country with my son next day. he later filed a report stating i left with the kid without informing him. 1.please let me know if i can carry forward the same case in india or put a new case on him regarding the assault . 2. can he use the report he filed against me in uk in indian court. is it even . is it even valid. 3. he has moved his address and i am unable to contact him. can i file for custody of minor without husbands address .(such as interim custody or emergency custody) 4. can he file for custody in indian court even though the child is with me.