Partition Deed

My grand father and my father partitioned their respective properties each other with complete legal rights with partition deed was legally registered, later it was mutation in the name of my father. My Father is a first wife son and my grand father got second marriage in the year of 1977 and they partitioned in the year of 1978. Since in the respect towards his father in words my father told my grand father to stay with him till his death. After one year my grand father has sold his shared property and got the money enjoying peacefully. My fathers step mother is a worst women she used to torcher my father and grand father. My grand father wants to leave my fathers house and wants to live in other place but his wife used to treat him by applying kerosine on her and suicide. In 2009 my grand father was missing and my father is a bank manager but he used to work in different place he used to come once in a month. After hearing that my father contacted his step mother and his son and asked them are you treatning me i will raise a complaint against you guys. They said no we don't know anything about this, we filled a case on this. Later my father told them to vacate our house. They said give us 1year we will vacate the house. My father got retired in the year 2011 happily came back to hyderabad. Again he asked them they said the same thing. I was in US completing my MBA and returned back in the year of 2013 because my father was hospitalized for whole month. By the God grace he was out of danger. Later from 2014 January I was insisting them to leave from my house. In the month of May 2014 I got married and they said they are leaving in the month of June. At last I was shouting at them to leave she raised a complaint on me and my father that we are torturing her and we are hitting her some bla bla. Police came to our house and they told me and my father to come police station. They informed me and her to not to talk each other we can't help you out with this situation please you have to clear these things with the civil court. In he month of February 2015 we got a notice from Lok Adalath to attend in Feb 25th in that she wrote all false statement. She asked them to give partition or settlement. As my father is a very good person giving them to stay with us even they got partitioned without taking a single penny from them. My grand father is a retired bank employee. She will get pension but because of he is missing, bank will start giving her pension after 7 years with their respective rules and regulations. Her real son has his own business and her daughter in law works for Airtel. Her son and daughter in law live in different house very close to our place but they eat, drink and enjoy in our house only they will sleep in that house. My intention is them to stay each other. Logically my father is not her son. After partitioned non of them have a right to file a case on my father. It has been shared equally and my father has to clear the loan for the respective property which he got shared. I literally request you to give a best suggestion and make things happen peacefully. My father offered her that she will give 50,000 rupees for her lively hood it will help her to stay for complete 2 year without any tension. From 2016 she will get her pension with a lomsum of amount for 7 years. Even bank has filed a case on her because my grand father was missing in the month of March 2009, she was with drawing the pension amount till December because you have submit the life certificate in the month of December. My grand father gave her lot of money even the property he sold in the year 1978 the money which he got was given to her. After retiring the retirement benefits was given to her and her son. My father don't have any intentions from him but want to live peacefully. But she is so cruel and intensions to disturb my father and want to grab my fathers property.