Seld Declared Car Parking

Hi there, I bought a 3 bhk flat in Hyderabad. I bought it from builder's share and the Sale deed clearly says it includes one car parking. Due to disputes between builder and land owners(three brothers, with family disputes between them), many of the land owners flats are not registered and they never visit the premises. However they are enjoying the property by renting them. I am the second one to get the flat registered in that apartment. And my flat comes first in order even if you see by order (Ground floor, first flat). I have made many calls to builder asking for parking place allotment. He said the brothers are not willing to come together to resolve the issue as they have internal disputes. It went on like that for 10 months and finally i got frustrated and alloted parking by my own by painting my flat no in one of the available parking places along with one other flat owner. Now if all the three brothers come together in future and if they are ready to form a society, is there any possibility for them to fight against me legally and reallocate parking? I searched thorough net and found according to MOFA section 78. parking is first come first serve and in my case me and other flat owner who allotted his own parking along with me will be the first and second occupants.