Fake salary slip

Hello! I am Lalita from Nagpur. I was working with a pvt ltd company which has base in Haryana and a office in Nagpur. This company has a parent company named C.Dass group. The company is coming up with an IT Park in Wardha MIDC land ( Lease or sublease) named as WARDHA IT PARK Though we were working for WARDHA IT PARK, we were employed under Maharani paints pvt ltd, All our appointment letter and confirmation letter, PF all under Maharani Paints Pvt Ltd. We never got any of the months pay slips. All we use to get is a salary transferred from head office- Faridabad into our salary accounts with ICICI - Nagpur branch. I was working from Oct-2013 till March- 2015 with the company as office executive and other official works. It was 10AM to 6PM job. Somehow i wanted to travel to UK for a holiday and i needed to submit the company details. I submitted confirmation letter from work, but regarding salary i was not having any hard copy details. I made a false salary slip with fake figures and used company stamp and gave to embassy. we never got any salary slips after all these months of working. Now the company has come to know what i did they asked me an immediate resignation and also said i did crime and forgery with company, so the company wants an apology and resignation. I gave them both with immediate effect as they told me if i don't do this they can send me to jail. I being a girl they are just asking me to resign. I have never done any such things in my life but as it was a matter of getting a visa i did this. I has no bad intentions to harm the company or ownself. I thought its requirement and as the company never gave us any salary slips nor increments, i did this and got cought. has the company did right with me asking me to leave forcefully and can i take any legal action of mental harassment at work done to me by our manager in the name of embassy and head office. I did not get any calls from head office nor the owner but this manager played with me for two days and kept saying me criminal Please advise me Thanking you with regards, Lalita Nagpur