My ex-wife registered a complaint under 498A.

Hi, I am a Non Resident Indian. Employed in Middle East. I and my ex-wife lived together for only 6 months, and living separately for 2 years since April 13. In January 15 I gave her Talaq, as was unable to bear her torture. Please note both of us were married and divorced earlier. I am having 2 kids from my previous marriage and she has 1. After Marriage, we also had a child, who is almost 2 years now. I was paying maintenance charges to her, which started from 10K per month, then 12k, then 17. In last 2 years I have paid around 6 lakhs to her. Now she started demanding more, and more over she is not allowing me to speak to my child and she is becoming more and more abusive day by day. When I said I cannot pay huge amounts, she threatened me. So I went ahead and gave her talaq. Now she has filed a case in 498A onn 25th March 15, and I have received a message from Police on my mobile that I should visit them in Hyderabad. Please advise, as I would lose my job, if I go and don't come back immediately. Losing a job in middle east means, you will not get another easily. Can I stay here and hire a lawyer who can represent my case. Does the police and court allow that.