domestic violence

I live now separately from my husband since 3 years. My father-n-law says - my stepping into the house was inauspicious. That as soon as I entered the matrimonial house his wife i.e., my mother-in-law had broken her legs (in fact she is suffering from leg pain due to obesity),his son slipped with his legs in bathroom, a road was decided to construct on one of his sites, a gas cylinder was delayed a month for delivery. That I was no match to his son with regard to beauty, education and in good behavior. That he uses to beat his wife using sandals when he gets angry and uses to say so. That it was right that his son asked for a divorce on the very next fourth day of his marriage with me. My mother-in-laws says that I ran away from the house. She says in angry to throw away my belongings. That I should sit separately every month during my menstrual periods. My father-in-law says that he got promising words from his son not to beat his wife in the public. And at last they agreed to accept me into the family folds only on a condition that my parents should stop to continue any contact with me. All the three parties are one. And he tried to convince us with some soothing words. But I didn't agree. Sir, all these things are recorded on a Compact Disc. My question is whether these facts are not enough to prove the domestic violence case against my husband and 2 others?