Review petition

Sir/Madam: I was convicted u/s 7/13 of P.C. Act for 1 year RI by Trial Court and my appeal and SLP-April, 2014, was also dismissed. Being an innocent, I had been served the sentence. Brief facts:-I was falsely implicated in this case by recording a complaint against me at the behest of property dealer. I have stated in 313 Cr.p.c. that I will have informed to my senior officers about falsely implication in this case. I have proved my innocence before prosecution sanction authority but my counsel had not produced documentary evidence about falsely implication in my defence in the Trial Court in spite of having sufficient material in hand. Resultantly, trial court and superior courts stamped the same version. Legal issue: Predecessor Trial court had summoned complainant as co-accused u/s 12 of PC Act by invoking section 319 Cr.p.c. at the time of concluding trial. Proceedings against Complainant were still under process but Trial court having different view with the help of section 20 of PC Act convicted me without waiting the outcomes of co-accused. Whether Pronouncement of judgment by the Trial Court is justified or not in the eye of law. Petition of complainant against the order of summoning is dismissed by the High court. No proceeding against complainant has been initiated so far. Law cannot afford other than truth. But in this case none of the court has appreciated evidences in correct perspective and not interested to discover the truth. In the present situation, can I file a review petition before the Supreme Court of India and chances of its success? Or kept silent to face the abuse of criminal justice system.