Hello, My friend is 24 years old. She belongs to a staunch marwadi family in Bangalore. Due to some issue, she was asked to discontinue her college. After many struggles she has now been able to get herself a job and is working for the past three months. The problem is that after she was made to quit college, she was mentally tortured into marrying a man from her community. She was given no other choce and being financially unstable, she agreed. The marriage hasn't worked as it was a forceful marriage. She has been living in her parents house or the past year and is daily tortured by her parents and her brother to go back to her husband. But she really wants a divorce. Because she is a marwadi, the whole community is involved in this . Things could take a worse turn and her family may just physically take her to her inlaws place. About 5-6 months back, she spoke to her husband, and they both mutually expressed their desire to be separated. Now he has been telling the community that he has no problem, only she has a problem with the marriage. Also, if i'm not mistaken, there is some amount of money transaction involved if the marriage breaks up wherein the girl's family has to pay the boy's side. Her parents have been torturing her mentally for the past year. She is not financially stable to move out on her own. What should she do?