what will i do?

Respected sir/Madam, My self Ravindra Kushaba Nimse. I was married on 28 Dec.2010. My wife is working as a Steno clerk in District court,her sister and sister in law is govt.advocate. She file a faulse case of 307,498(A) and domestic violence case against me and my family member. me and my family members give a bail in Hc. I am 45 day behind a bar. But actually we are not demand dawry and not done any violence. We are not living together from 3rd may 2013,(she demand that I not kept any realationship with my parents. As my father is retire person,also some demands) i have one girl child. So I file a famiy case against her to come at home, and send a notice to her by court at 11 Feb.2014. Due to that she and her family member get angry. They do a plan, at 8 march 2014 they all are came my home suddenly beating me and family member at that time my wife is absent. And shouting that we give poison to my wife. they file a police case. I have audio recording of that day in my mobile. I am not done any violence i never beat her a singal chata. I take a flat on me and her name. My father giving us 2 lakh Rs for flat. Police not found any vomitted substance and poison bottle from my house. So how i can justify that i am guilty?