Medical Negligence

Summary of Case Patient : Mrs Priyanka Sengupta (35 Yrs, Female) Husband : Priyabrata Sengupta Disease : Normal Pregnancy Doctor : Dr. Soumen Das, MBBS (Cal), DGO (Cal); Regn No. 54208) Case History 1. LMP : 03.08.2014 2. First Visit : 03.09.2014 3. After That Regular Visit with regular interval. 4. 1st USG on 08.11.2014. 5. Triple Marker on 07.12.2014 – report normal. 6. Anomaly Scan on 25.12.2014 - Report Normal. 7. Routine Visit on 23.03.2015 & found High BP as 180/100. 8. Regular follow-up with doctor giving report of BP measured in home. 9. Due to uncontrolled BP, admitted to Phoenix Hospital on 27.03.2014 at around 11 am as per advice of doctor (where this doctor is one of the director). At the time of admission BP was found 180/130. 10. ECG, Unine for Micro Albumin, Urea & Creatinine was measured & all found normal. 11. No alternative treatment was made except giving oral medicine to control the BP. 12. After 3 days, fetal was died on 29.03.2015 at around 11pm when heart sound could not be found on fetal dopplar (Intrauterine Fetal Death). My questions are : 1. Doctor has enough time of 7 days to take out the baby when he found that the BP could not be controlled by medicines. 2. He should know that it could be danger for both baby or mother. 3. Doctor did not consult with any other Gynaecologist or Cardiologist except a MBBS, DGM. 4. No USG was made during this vital 7 days to check fetal status. 5. When USG was made on 30.03.2015 (after fetal death checked by dopplar on 29.03.2015), USG report shows every organ found normal in shape & size. 6. Still born was measured a weight of 2.250 Kgs 7. At the time of fetal death pregnancy was about 34 weeks. I think this is a case of extreme negligence in part of Doctor & concerned Hospital for which an expected mother lose her baby. Pls suggest further step to take action & compensation.