Unconstitutional practice of income tax department

I am an Ex-serviceman. I joined the Income-tax dept. in 2013 in Odisha region. After which i applied for transfer on compassionate ground.1. I being only male member of my family. 2. My parents are above 80 and I am their only child. Lastly, 3)In 17 years of service with Indian Air Force I was never posted in my home region. So that should be considered with sympathy. In reply to my application I received a letter stating that according to the policy of IT department I should complete 3 yearsin Odisha, to be considered for a Inter-charge transfer to Kolkata region. I was also told that only three catagories are given relaxation from the existing policy i) Orthopedic handicraft ii) women posted outside their home region. iii) On spouse ground . Since I dont fall within any, no sympathy can be shown to a ex-serviceman. Now my question how can they exempt women from the existing policy?. Isn't it in violation of the fundamental right - Right to equality. So can I go to court challenging the policy of giving special priviledge to women? Isn't it unconstitutional?