Divorce suit

i am weak in english.. so if any mistake in writing.. plz try to understand. History / Background 1.I file divorce suit H.M.A U/s 13 -1 (ia)(b). 2.Court notice sent by regd. post are returned undelivered. (Wife tempered envelope and send it back ) 3.The Divorce notice was served in 29/08/2014 and after that court was on 11/11/2014. (newspaper summons notice / publication of notice) 4.DTD : 11/11/2014 wife not appear in court divorce suit. 5.DTD : 08/12/2014 wife applied for more/extra time to file her writing statement by making fails in statement affidavit. [ I am not appear on that time ] 6.DTD : 17/01/2014- file submitted her WS. And i filled two different applications >>>a)in first application i am taking advantage of cpc order 8 rule 1. (wife fail to submitted her WS within 90 days from date of publication and intentionally not appear on 11/11/2014 ) >>>b)Second Application U/s 340 of CRPC and asking to court to take action against wife under sec. 177,181,182,193,196,199,200. 7.After that wife and her lawyer not appear/attend court ( next 5 dates to still date) My Question is : 1.Can I take any action against my wife for non-attendance.? 2.Can I ask to court for ex-parte? If yes. Please tel me section or rules.