Not issuing the Relieving letter

Hello, I worked in a BPO in Bangalore an i resigned without serving the complete notice period after discussing with the HR, as per them i need to buy my notice period which i agreed and completed the exit formalities. I was resiged from the company in April 2013 since then i was in touch with them to get my relieving letter. I paid the full and final settlement amount though DD back in 2013 and HR informed me they will mail it to me but they dint send it. i was in the Kerala and it was difficult for me to commute back to Bangalore just to get the letter so i follow up though my ex Team leader in the company. Now the problem is old HR resigned from the company and new people joined they informed me the full and final DD i paid to the old HR is missing so as per them i paid the amount again in last feb to get the clearance from the accounts team and hey gave me clearance. But now the HR manager is not issuing the letter says they can't issue the letter since it is almost 2 years. i have done all the formalities as informed by them not they rejecting my request because of old HR lost my full and final amount DD which i paid to get the relieving letter. Its been nearly 2 years am waiting to get the relieving letter. I joined a new company back in November and they need this letter to complete the joining formalities . from last 5 months am in touch with new HR everyday and he confirmed it can be done after getting the clearance from the accounts team but after getting the clearance now they are not issuing it I have the copy of all the email conversation i had with them and confirmation from the accounts team that they gave the clearance. Is it possible to take it legally and get it done ? Thank you Biju