Deemed Conveyance / Power of Attorney

Region: Mumbai , MCGM City Limits ward P/N. Sirs, My grand father bought house from a builder in 1990 a type of row house but we never got title to the land on which the house stands.we only got a sale deed mentioning the house size built on the specific survey no on which other row houses were also built. the builder had an agreement with a person who had the Specific power of attorney of the land title holder and through the power of that agreement he sold the house to my grandfather. the land tax bill is common for all houses on this survey number and we split it in a proportion of our built up areas. The tax bill is in the name of the original title holder with a mention of C/o:my grandfathers name. We as a welfare society of 10 residents have been paying tax bills since the last 25 years. The property is being shown in BMC records with floor plans as semi pacca tiled houses. I have two queries: 1- Can we use the deemed conveyance route to transfer the title of the land to our name by either breaking down the land parcel or to the name of the society 2- where do we stand in case of future re-development of the land and can the person holding the power of attorney of the original land owner still stake his claim on the land. PS: the orginal title holder of the land is not traceable neither have we ever heard of any of his descendants.