dowry harassment and violence.

I got married in the year 2012. From the very first day of my marriage my in-laws starts harassing me with their more demands. They send me back to my parents place without any reasons saying her behavior is not appropriate. On marriage they demanded 20lakh rupees which my father gave them in cash without any proof. Within six month at my in- laws place my husband beaten me brutally. And in fear I called my parents and relatives.... they threatened my in laws that physical violence will not be excepted... my in laws apologize and I stayed back. Then after few months my husband joined another job in NCR but he refuse to take me along with him and again send me back to my parents. After 4 month forcefully I went to my in-laws place that i' ll go with my husband. My husband had a big fight with my parents said i am taking her with me but now onwards she is dead for you and nobody will contact her from your side. At NCR me and my husband resided with my brother in- law. There my husband took my phone so I "ll not be able to contact anybody. There he use to beat me, tortured me. I contact my parent by his phone in his absence and poured out my heart to my parents ..on phone I abuse, i complain and some time violently reply. What can i do i was so mentally and physically tortured........ That phone was on auto recording and my husband recorded each and every call i made. If I thief even a food i told my mother and he recorded everything. He even made video recorded me. In 2013 he left me outside my parents place and told me not to call him again. After few days i came to know i am expecting. I told his sister in -law and his mother about it. I am living with my parents from lasts 1 year and 3month. MY baby boy is now 9 month old. Please advice... what should i do..I have no proof. no support. Now these people want me back... I can't live my life with such psycho.... now its not about me its about my child.... i am scared that he will harm my child and mother in-law is so sharp and criminal minded lady. I am educated girl I can earn but I required peace of mind. He knows how to scare me and effect my peace of mind and he call, stand outside my place and threatened me. Please suggest only thing I did wrong was marriage and believed him. I don't want anything from him.