PC act 1988

Dear Sir, As my brother, lecturer from private unaided college in maharashtra has been caught in trap by ACB on 7th april 2015,resulting registered FIR, showing him as a public servant in PC act 1988, But as per the G R of maharashtra dated 9th january 2017,the Government had changed his rule & as per new circular, private unaided employees were also taken in purview of ACB from the above said date. ACB has filed the charge sheet in the court after 3 and half year,with the sanction from the private unaided college trust.My questions are [1]Does my brother is a public servant [2]Does ACB can act if there was no jurisdiction on the date of FIR as per the government Circular [3]Can private college trust be the sanction authority in my brother case as it is private not government.[4]how he can be cleared from this false case.Request you to help me with ur reply in this as college has kept him suspended till date as per MEPS act 1977.and the family of my brother is suffering in financial & social life. Thanks