Rent dispute

Dear sir, my owner has shown me a rent agreement , but when he made it he got many clauses added which I objected, but I could not do anything as I already got into the house. Now in the mean time lease was renewed, during the continuation of the lease , I went abroad. I paid him rent by cheque. The lease ended on 30 nov 2014, and I continue to pay by cheque till jan 2015, then came back paid rent for feb and mar at existing rate. Now when I asked to increase rent by 5%, he refused, immediately I gave a verbal notice to vacate the house by 30 apr 2015. Also told him that I will pay the increase rent of 10% from dec 2014, but the rent of april and increased rent will be adjusted against security to which he has objection.I know from past tenant, that he never give back security deposit.his lawyer relative give him all advice. Beside the room is dark, and there is big seepage in the toilet wall. The owner would not undertake any repairs. Now after giving him verbal notice, he sent me a letter, stating the legal agreement and the clause, and stating I am overstaying in his house, and I need to pay a damage of rs 500 per day, and also threatened me to take to court. What should I do now. I am honest and have no guilt, as I have not done anything wrong, but the owner has bad intrusion and want to grab money from me. Can he succeed ? How can I get out from here ? We are peace loving people. All this things worries me, beside my son is mentally disabled, and this has impact on him, as I do not have mental peace. How can I deal with such greedy people ? I learnt a lesson to take CLA from now onwards.