Need to know what should if my father gets arrested

Hi , Last week my father got arrested under IPC 406. Till now he has not granted bail from court. I don't know whether my lawyer is not taking step or there is some other problem The scenario was my dad is into Transport business. Actually some one booked the household goods but the truck was theft on the way to the destination. The person who was sending his household goods had not insured his goods. The price for the goods was around 50k but after theft he is asking for 5lacs. My dad refused to give that because that was not fair deal. Then the customer lodged a complaint against my father. Police sent summons but because of some family problem. My dad was not able to recieved that. Last week he went to police station to know why summons are coming. Then he came to know that customer lodged a FIR against him. Now Judge has given date till 6th march and my dad is behind bars. Is there any way to get bail and how can we close this case. Please let me know the best answers and help me out so that I can bailed out my father.