Rights over ancestorial property

Issue regarding an old house which belong to my grandfather. My father & his only elder brother with their families use to stay together in their fathers house earlier. About 45 years back my father left the house with his family to stay separately due to family dispute. During the period the house was transferred in the name of my uncle by taking my fathers consent. My father consented by giving in writing his no objection to transfer the house in the name of his elder brother. The reason to transfer the house in my uncle name was that the house required to be transfered to some living member in the family and therefore my father had consented. However my father was not given any money of his share to his fathers house nor any agreement made of his share to the house. At present my uncle has also expired but his widowed wife is still alive with their children staying in the house. Would like to know if my father who is still alive is liable for any share to the house now. Please advice