Breaking the Bond in Mnc

Dear Sir, i committed bond with one mnc company about two years,due to my health issues and family situation i couldn't continue with that company,so i asked for resignation,they told its not possible when your in bond.So i absconded after a few months later the company ERO started to call and threatening me,She told if are not submitted your medical reports i will take legal action on you,she will tortured and make use of fear and forced me to sent a mail,and forced me to join,but really i am willing to continue she is saying if your not submitted the medical reports i will take legal action since iam a christian i believe only in divine healing,i don't consult any doctor for she is saying you have to pay the bond amount 1L,i told everything that i was from poor family,my father was an physically challanged man,we couldn't pay the bond amount,Even i told her i no need of your certificates like experience and reliving order even my PF.But she is torturing me and made me to sick mentally.kindly tell me what i have to do further.i signed 2yrs bond,i worked there about 6month as a trainee.Before i abscond.This was the mail sent by an erm. Please be aware will be unable to delay any further. As communicated on call, we will go ahead with absconding procedures, having your LWD marked as 30th December 2015. A show cause notice will be sent to you for providing justification and if there is no response, your IDs will be terminated within 7 days.