Does my US divorce is valid in india.

Hi All, I got married in india (2007- May ). We both are Hindu. Right after marriage we flew to us and staying in US since then. In 2007 July I received my GC - work authorization (EAD) through my husband. My in-laws and husband did harrass me from beginning of my marriage. About dowry and job money which I earned. They are never satisfied even after giving all my salary. in 2009 got a kid and my mom identified physical violence he did in front of my mom. My husband didn't listen to anyone after everyone realized , he started to flip the story and tell bad against us in my hometown and relatives. My mom took my kid to India to stay with her(2009). In 2010 started working and living separately domestic violence didn't stop there. I was afraid and I want my husband to understand family values and come back to live with us. I brought my daughter back from India 2012 Thinking he would change. this time he tried to use my kid against me Where I couldn't handle myself and got protection order from him on his consent. Then I applied for child support. Then to divorce application. He got served divorce papers. he ran out of us country. Cancelled his and my visa . I have my own visa knowing he would do such thing. i went to hearing and waited for his presence. Upon serving papers My divorce got finalized as he has no support for my kid from beginning of kids life, my kid is under my custody. Now my question is " Is my divorce valid in India as well ? what should I do if he come and apply divorce in India ? is my protection order valid in India ? How to make this divorce finalized ? Should I be there in India if I take any case against him ? Since I am divorced in US , can I marry someone else ? Please advise, thanks in advance. Thanks, indu