Nominee for the land after Male's Death.

My grandfather had some ancestral land. In 2001 my grandfather did register distribution of his land. After registered distribution of land my father , my uncle and my grandfather got some land. In 2003 My grandfather sold his land which he got from registered distribution of ancestral land. While selling the land he took consent from my grand mother and my uncle but not from my father. In 2008 my father had expired.Now my uncle has given an application to local circle officers to add for nominee's of my father's land. In his application my uncle has added my grand mother's name along with my mother, sisters and my name as nominee. As per Maharashtra Land Act 1966 below are legal heirs of male's property 1. Widow of Male. 2. Daughters 3.Son 4. Male's mother. But i have a doubt that if land is distributed in a registered manner then how come mother can be added as legal heirs in a property. Is there any law which can be helpful to remove my grand mother's name from nominee list of my father's land. Further if her name can't be removed from nominee's list then after my grandma's demise who will legal heirs to my father's land?