I had filed for maintainence case in civil court. I was awarded monthly money for myself and daughter. after judgement order was send to my husband he refused to pay any money and instead filed a case against me to return back to him. I asked for transfer of case in supreme court of India where I was directed for mediation. And the court also gave me an order to file my case if needed. Therefore I decided to give second chance to marriage and informed court of my decision and further stayed with husband for a year where again he misbehaved and I was forced to leave his house , and since i had not withdrawn my case of execution i filed petition for recovery of money, dv act 2005, child custody. I have some questions regarding my case. 1) on my husbands instruction the school has refused to give me tc for my daughter and has asked me for consent from husbsnd. Where as the school is aware of the fact that I have legal conflict with husband. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET TC from school , bec i was said by the principal that she will harass me as she is in good terms with my husband and 2) if there is any any legal proceeding left out in my case . Please advise.