Planning to Own a Property via Registry from second GPA holder.

Hello Sir's, Please help me to understand the below scerrio according to which I am going to purchase property. -->Mr. A and Mr. B holds a property at Faridabad along with Registry on their name and sold it further to Mr. C through GPA from Noida (2013) as Faridabad court doesn't do GPA. --> Mr. C has now sold this property to MR. D with another GPA from Noida and MR. D is selling the property to me (I am planning to purchase by doing registry under my name) where Mr. D, Mr.C and Mr. B will be availablE to sign on registry day and Mr. A will not be available also they don't know where he is. --> Is it advisable to take this property as ICICI bank has also funded the loan but later denied saying that MR A should also be present or atleast talk to bank/provide NOC as GPA holder cannot sell the property further without the concern of the all persons holding sell deed rights. Also now dealer is planning to execute the loan from an other bank/finnacial institution from where he can hide this fact or whatever. Please advice as this is becoming critical for me. Regards, Shubham Sharma