After property registration dispute

Hi, My name is Sampa Thakur. Recently my husband and I sold our house to another party. The registry has been done and we have taken one month's extra legal time for us to pack our things and move. However during this one month's time the new owners a are visiting every now and then. Today they arrived at our house(which is now registered) at 6pm and started abusing and harassing me for packing stuffs like pelmets and fan, although in the registry document and any other legal document it is not at all mentioned that we are selling a furnished house.The entire incident happened while my husband and son was away. I feel threatened by their constant arrival at the house. As a citizen I would like to know that once a property is registered to another party am I legally obliged to entertain them and grant them access to their home before the actual handover occurs? Also during handover am I legally obliged to verify every part of the property to them? I would be highly obliged if you find some time to read it and answer my queries