35. Punishment of advocates for misconduct

My application in The Gujarat Bar council is pending against an advocated, who has trapped me and occupied my premises on rent in the name of her wife and were running dance classes by himself, and filed false civil suit for permanent injunction with 100% falsehood, and demanded lacks of money to withdraw from suit after an interim order in favour of advocate wife his demand increased from 2 lack to 5 lack rupees and did not paid any rent. After a lot of legal battle (12 month time) now advocate himself is convicted under 138 NI act for simple imprisonment of 6 months and Suit against me is near to be disposed off under Or.7 Rule 11 and I also filed a counter civil suit and interim order to pay rent amount till final order is in our favour and session court in our appeal ordered that temporary injunction will be removed on non payment of rent on every month. I also filed an application under section 340 of Cr.Pc and an application in Bar concil. My question is that, will bar council consider the conviction of advocate in 138 NI as main reason for suspension of his registration along with other reasons like misusing his profession for trapping and demanding money, running dance class etc.