domestic violence

Dear sirs, I filed DV case in Dec 2012 and the Ld. MM Court of Kolkata has passed an order of Rs 6000/- u/s 19 of dv act which has been set aside by the Ld.session court on the ground that as my 498a and 406 crpc case has gone in favour of my husband in Gurgaon which I filed in 2006 and since 2006 I am living seperately from my husband so question of DV does not arise. .Aggrieved by the order I filed the revision appeal in High court of Calcutta.I have decided to fight in person as I have already been cheated by alot of lawyers in kolkata as well as in Gurgaon.Though I got an order u/s 125 crpc for Rs 8000/-but my husband is not paying me a single paise and filed a case u/s 127 crpc that he is unemployed.I have his last year ITR v where his gross salary is 9 lac sixty nine thousand.As far as 498a and 406 crpc is concerned I have filed an appeal on personal level in Gurgaon session court.sec 377 was also there but as my medical examination have been done after one year of incident that too by male surgeon, I could not prove 377 crpcalso.Police has also not supported my case.Though i have audio cassettes which is more the enough to prove each of my allegation,that is still with me.last nine year I am fighting the case as well as suffered alot due to ignorence of law. In dv case opposite party is also saying that my dv is not mentainable for the same offence you can't tried twice.could you please assist me and provide me few judgements/orders details through which i can prove that my DV case is very maintainable even if 498a has been queshed and 125crpc maintenance is different for home accomodation maintenance plus insipte of living seperately, I am eligible for home accomodation maintenance.I am still legally wedded wife of him, though my husband tried twice to get divorce but the case dismissed for default twice and also please let me few important points to support my case, as in person I am fighting in highcourt and my husband has engaged a very good lawyer.Thanking you.