wife filing 498A, 406 against me and my family

I got married to my wife in may 14 arranged marriage. Due to my financial problems i mortgaged her gold with her consent in a bank. She never liked my mother and would create fights at home. I tried my best to make her happy but she left me in december 14. She and her parents started asking for her gold and stridhan back. They filed a NC at our local area police station complaining of mental torture and not returning stridhan. I told them you can take your clothes and few gold ornaments which are at my home. The gold which i have mortgaged with the bank will be returned when my financial condition improves. They dont agree to this and the police are also pressuring us to return the gold immediately. Its been three times the police have called us to the station in my wife's presence. She has also complained to the police that me and my family used to torture her mentally . Police have told us she has given them application to file 498A and 406. Fearing arrest we approached court for anticipatory bail. We have received interim relief. But on both hearings the policeman representing the police station is cooking up story that they have not received the court notice and so have not been able to update court on this complaint. This time the court has given a third hearing date and sternly told the policeman to update on the status of complaint without excuse. I believe the FIR has not been registered. But i dont know what is going on here. Why is the police delaying here ? I have told my wife i will not return any gold and deny its possesion with me until she cancels or withdraws her false 498A complaint. But her family is saying first give the gold and then they will withdraw the complaint, but i dont trust them. Police are also telling me to compromise with her. What should i do here? I am going to attend the third Anticipatory bail hearing in few days and waiting to know the status of police complaint. In the meantime my lawyer is advicing me to file divorce application and in the counselling stage ask her to withdraw complaints against me and my family as a condition for returning her gold. I also see no future with this woman and her pathetic parents who are harrassing us.