dowry harassment

I have been married since 5years & got 2 kids From then my husband never shared any information with me about his income, i was also working all the expenses I need to bear, if I ask him about salary he simply says over, if I suggest him to save he will be getting angry, so I just waited for some time, Atlast I came to know that he is spending for his sis-in-law as they are not working, they are farmers they stopped to go to fields after our marriage from then they are not working for their living, and they don't want to work, my husband has to take care of them as they don't have kids, they settled in his house, so my motherinlaw, sis-in-law, brother all are together,now she has to pay for debts so when I was carrying 7th month my sis-in-law along with my husband & few middle person's came to our parents home to give her that rest of the cash to(whatever is pending) , saying that I have debts to clear, then I have told to my husband that it is for me not for her sister, whatever we have to give to her we have already given,now she shouldn't involve in this for that she started abusing us in front of our house. My inlaws forced me to resign job bcoz I am working I am not listening to them, they kept condition to get the money and property then only we will take you to our house Then after delivery I have visited to my inlaws house there again a big fight for the same money, these middle person's they have taken written bond paper from my dad that I have share in the property then only they will allow me to be there, at the time of our marriage my dad said he will be giving 3rd share in the house as strdhan to me.after this we have been together for a month they started asking me to give the rest of the cash to them saying will buy a plot at their native, so I need to cancel bond and some savings from my salary we bought a land, one fine morning I have just found that land documents are missing from mycloset, i have asked he said I don't know, then I questioned him, then he gave reply that it is with her sister in his home, Atlast we came to that registered land is occupied by someone, but question is how a registered land can be registered by others then, how can I believe him. now issue is my inlaws are forcing me to get, the property ie n liquid cash, worth 3rd share, then my parents objects to give to them, saying it's for only daughter not for you, since once year he left us along with 2 kids at my home, my husband stopped calling me, he says get the property and come to meand threatening me if I go there he will resign job n go to his native , if we call middle person's these fellow's are brokers,they are just prolonging but no solution, now Wat should we do?