Dowry and Domestic violence

Hi All, I am writing on behalf of my sister who has suffered from Dowry and Domestic Violence . Incident took place in Delhi as my sister was settled in Delhi after her marriage . Brief About incident : 1. My Father did not wanted to give dowry but wanted to gift some house hold things to her daughter to ensure she had a comfortable start to her marriage. The groom’s family indicated that they would prefer my father should give them the cash so they could buy the items themselves . Their list of purchases kept growing and eventually my father ended up giving them Rs. 15 lakhs that too no money transfer or cheque etc. they wanted cash in hand. 2. After marriage, My sister was pressurized by her husband for brining more money from her father. Her husband asked her to get the lands of her father on his name. He use to theraten my sister that he will spoil her family. 3. They don't use to allow her to speak to anyone, not even with her family. She was working like servant in her in-laws house. she was not given proper food as well. He always found some reason to find fault in my sister, anything could trigger him. Every moment of her life was unpredictable. She was badly hit , slapped, pinched, grabbed etc. by her husband. Queries: We have every day call recording proof with us where in my sister has described all the cruelty done to her by her husband and in laws. Also, Her father in law has abused her on call and my family too with very offensive words , we have recording and all SMS as well. Q1. Will these be considered as proof in court? We have filled Dowry, Domestic Violence case (in Delhi ) and Divorce case (at my home town ) against him. There is no chance of out of court settlement as they are not ready to give all our things back including dowry money and money we have spent on them which is really a huge amount. Q2. How can we get our money back which we have spent on them and Dowry money (Rs. 15 Lakhs) as well.