Can i demand Market price for a land which i had made agreement

Hi Respected Property Lawyers, I am srinivas, as my grand father has a piece of land i.e 1/4th of an acre, to be more clear (Land in Hyderabad 1 acre = 40 Guntas, 1 Gunta = 120 sq. yards) we have exactly 12 Guntas. There were no exact boundaries, due to this we went to MRO office and asked for an survey but due to less land they said they will not conduct the survey but they will do for a minimum of 5 acres land we left for a while but besides owner of land doing agriculture, crossed by cutting the boundaries. Now one known person in the village came with a deal that he will purchase the 12 guntas land on a condition that, even it less than or more than 12 guntas he will take care and agreed to a price of 31.5 lakhs, but we demanded 35 lakhs, the known person negotiated forcefully 31.5 lakhs, he came with an agreement document of Rs.100 Bond and amount should be cleared for a period of 3 months(but on by word he said he will clear amount within 45 days as of now its been 35 days he gave advance of 5 lakhs) on a condition that we will hand over the documents, possession on the date of registration only and we finally agreed as there is no option, but the market value here for 1 acre is 2.45 crores, they hided the price due to the problem that our 12 Guntas has no clear boundaries In the mean while besides agriculture land owner constructed a wall, my known person(agreed to purchase my land) said that he filed a Tippon i.e land survey in MRO office and met RDO on dispute with boundaries as he is MPTC in the village. My question is, could i demand the land rate as per market value i.e 2.45 crores per acre if my LAND gets exacts boundaries as known person(agreed to purchase my land) is fighting or should i go with price which i agreed to sale. My Final question is, is that Rs.100 Bond valid for the Agreement we signed for the terms and conditions for sale and registration, what if in the case of known person does not agree for the payment of market value as we demanded. With Regards Srinivas