is circumstatial evidence is enough to avoid maintenance

my wife left my home before 9 months and she is stayiong in here parental house.she filed a complaint on me in dowry harrasment and sec {4}dv act against me ,my dad and my mom with the help of her family members...mean while my 4 yrs daughter is with me...basically she is very attacted towards my mom and not with her.after going to her home she gave pressure to me regarding cuctody of i filed a g.o.p case in principle district sessions court for custody...and its going on...but the interogation of the case has not started...sha had a affair with a guy who is residing in the next house of her..the distance betrween those 2 houses are just 6 feet......that guy is also coming to her home and he is taking her to courts and point is ther is more chance for them to have privacy since her parents are henpecked.....moreover her dad is not with her.....that guy has tried to stop my engagement and marriage with her before itself,since he had an intention to marry.........b'se of this some probs arised both the family members sloved she is filing a petiotion for maintenance of rupees 10000 from me.....i didn't ask her to go to her home.but she is doing like this.moreover some men of her side are very greedy and they want to extract money from me.........still today she is coming to court with that guy.....he acts asthough he is the care taker and guardian of her what should i do? plz suggest with regards SRIDHAR