about maintenance

sir,my wife leave my company from sep.2011 as she is in adulatory,i tried but its not proved, i filed divorce case on d basis of cruelty and adulatory which is dismiss by trial court,in that case my wife not grant any maintenance but for son rs.2500 in section 24.as she is a doctor and capable to earn ,same time my wife file restitution case in that she grants rs.8000 p.m. including all proceedings,in that she plead that she working in charitable hospital and put f rode document in court,i appeal in high court,High court maintain same order till judgement and after grand 7000 p.m.,sir then i got her income tax document where she herself shows her income as 13000 pm ,so i appeal in supreme court but now supreme court also dismiss my case,now trial court give mi one month time to fulfill order,sir my wife neither want to join mi nor giving divorce only demand huge amount that is impossible for mi,she never attained regularity court proceeding,please tell any solution to solve my matter .