premarital affairs of my husband continues after marriage

Dear Sir/Madam, I had been married 4 months back and after my marriage I came to know that my husband is in contact with a married lady for past five years through a letter along with a photo (I suspect the letter to be written by that lady’s husband who is a lawyer). I lived with my husband only for three days. My mother in law was very strong in getting good amount from me as dowry. Before marriage she always insisted on dowry. My husband and my mother in law together started to quarrel with my parents for 2 1/2 lakhs on the third day when a small function was arranged for me (Thaali korthal). On the very same day, my husband took me in a car to my mothers house and told me to return to my in laws house after getting everything from my parents as demanded on that day. He shouted at my parents as if we had done something very wrong. My parents and me were upset by his attitude. Another day he came to the college where I am working and met my colleagues that we had cheated him and that he was the worst affected by the marriage. The same weekend he and his relatives came to my home and shouted and created a very bad atmosphere that we are wrong. He told that I will not live with this girl anymore. I wonder why they are overreacting. I am an innocent women and the letter I received tells that they are still contacting daily. My husband and the married woman are residence of Pondicherry. My husband was earlier (past five years) working in Yanam in Andhra Pradesh (a part of Pondicherry UT) where she came in contact with the married lady who was posted as staff nurse in Yanam. They lived happily for five years since her husband who is a lawyer stayed in Pondicherry unknowing the above fact. That lady is having a girl child more than 10 years old. When the lawyers family came to know about it they transferred her to Pondicherry. My husband also got himself transferred to Pondicherry. Due to the hindrance from her family they both could not cohabit and enjoy as they did earlier. Hence my husband due to the compulsion of his mother agreed to the marriage. But after my engagement when I talked to him he showed interest in my career and used to talk to me for hours. But some days he will not talk at all. After marriage he never showed any signs of dislike in me in that three days. Now my question is still the married woman who had already destroyed her husband’s life (divorce case is going on) and once again eventhough she knows that her ex lover is married she disturbs him by maintaining the relationship. I want to control them. Is it possible. I am now 35 years old and delayed marriage was my education and poor economic situation of my family. My husband is also 35.