Damaging compound wall

hello sir, my name is GB alagwadi, i am from hubli in karnataka. one of my neighbour after constructing his house raised surrounding ground level upto 4 feet by putting waste soil on his side of the plot without consturcting any compound on my compound side and later a toilet was built on that raised bed without leaving any space between my compound and his toilet and after that he started gardening by leaving 2 feet space next to my compound on that raised bed. now the problem is he is doing this intentionally (he built compound on three sides except next to my compound) saying that he has "right" on his side of the wall . my fear is by putting waste soil next to my compound made it weak and now toilet and pouring water to plants weakened it furether and within 1 or 2 monsoon rain my compound will fall. when he didnt listened to me i called police (unfortunately he was not at home, his daughter was there and told she will tell him) but he still not stopped pouring water but the question is can he have the right to damage my compound which is built on my area ? .if it is common wall he didnt gave any money for me whole compound was built by me only and neither took any permission from me. so what is the legal solution for this person ? which ipc and sections can be put on him and i want him to pay the damage which he did to my compound and all the emotional torture all these days. any option to remove his toilet to be removed and stop his garden ? please suggest.