What should i do??

my husband has been asking for a divorce for the past 1 year but he himself has not taken any legal actions, nor has he been looking after me financially for 2 years and if i ask, he bluntly refuses or makes excuses. I am a working woman but my salary is very minimal whereas he is a merchant navy officer. We had a court marriage in 2009 but i was not allowed to live with my husband, nor my husband did anything about it. In the meantime, i had to change my name and my religion. I was born hindu but became a christian. As well as, i was not allowed to meet my family members too. I was made to live in hyderabad all alone by myself and my husband would come to visit me for 15-20 days in every 7-8 months. I was not employed as long as i was in hyderabad and he would pay me a very minimal amount every month.In 2012, finally we had a social marriage in front of the society and everything was fine for the next few months. But then, my mother in law mentally would harass me and abuse and insult me verbally about which my husband did not take any steps to stop that. As well as i found out about his multiple affairs while i was in Hyderabad, as well as caught him red handed having cyber sex through a gay website, during which time, he would abuse me verbally as well as physically. I went into depression, was suicidal, as well i started going for therapy. Then later we decided to start afresh and everything was fine, till his mother started to tell me to move out of the house. My husband and his mother, made situations such that I had to leave the house all alone with my luggage. From that period, which was feb 2014, he started to ask divorce. Now, i have moved back to the house because i could not afford a rent place with my salary but now, they have been harassing me and my father. My husband has not filed for divorce till now. He does not owe any property but his parents does. What cases can I file against him and what can I do to secure my future??