Legal options for separation from husband in laws?

I was married last year with a businessman family. It all started right from the day when my husband's family visited my place to see me. They demanded almost 12 lacs as dowry in addition to gold. I was not ready for this but my family accepted this proposal and we got married in May, 2014. My father proposed to give dowry amount as FD in both joint names of me and my husband. Initially, my in laws were not ready but later they agreed. Soon after my marriage, I realized they are asking for more..I left my in laws house and came back to my parent's place. O n explaining my situation to parents, they went to my in laws house and asked them to provide a favorable condition for me to stay there. Apart, from this my husband is puppet of his parent and elder brother. His father and elder brother is of dominant nature and they abused my father and brother when they visited my in laws. I have tried to discuss this with my husband but he is not ready to hear anything. He just says my family is good and your family is bad. Now, they are forcing my family for sending me back to my sasural. I know they are money minded and they will torture me both physically and mentally, when I will go back..By god grace, my parents and brother are very caring for me and they assured me that they will not fulfill there demands any more. Now we have only two options, either I convince my husband to live separately. I know he will never agree. If so, is there any legal way for this? If not, what are the procedure of safely exit from this marriage.. Furthermore, I am also pursuing my M.Ed and want to build my career as teacher. I asked my own FD papers and money for admission but they denied to give anything and told me to arrange money from my father. Me and my whole family is being emotionally and mentally tortured since last 1 year.. Please help!!