Concerned about my aged mother & cutie daughter

I am only son having one well settled married sister. I father passed away 5 years back. My mother is 65 years old and can not walk and can not work. She has healthy assets, property and bank balance in her name that was left by my father earned from his hard word. I enjoy very good relationship with my mother. She lives with me. We have very strong bonding. I am married for three and half years and have one daughter of 2 years. My wife like any other daughter-in-law takes care of my mother but I know that she does not love my mother and sister. She does not talk to my sister. She takes care of my mother because I am there. I am two properties, one in joint name of me and my wife and another is in joint name of me, my wife and my mother. I have insurance plan of 1crore, nominee is my wife. My wife is working professional and earns well. Many times I think, if any mis-happening happens to me, how to ensure that my mother is well taken care off and how to ensure that my daughter also gets well up-bringing. I have no-objection if she decides to start a new life in case this really happens. Though this is just a wild thought. Just because of the relationship she shares with my mother and sister.