Family Tree Issue

Hello Sir, Please be advised that my Mother S.LATAHA SREE, who is liable for the property(Land at Salikari Udupi, which comes under Bramavara Muncipal sub register office) from her grand father i.e B.N LAXMINARAYANA SOMYAAJI, who in deed has 12 children(3 Male and 9 Female). It is to be noted that B.N LAXMINARAYANA SOMYAAJI expired in the year 2003 and one of his son had taken initiative to divide the property, in the year 2006 he has reached to MC and divided the property to all the 12 children of B.N LAXMINARAYANA SOMYAAJI. In the year 1999, S.LATAHA SREE,'s Father i.e B.N Somyaaji expired who was the eldest son for B.N LAXMINARAYANA SOMYAAJI, in connection to that the property which was divided much later was to be transferred to his Wife i.e B.N Padmavati, but by some flux the property is transferred to their eldest son i.e B.N Nagraj, Now the real issue is the documents are with B.N Nagaj and he is not willing to produce it to other family members, please be advised that B.N Somyaaji has 6 children. We have reached to MC with RTI that how this was registered to B.N Nagaj's name , but have not received response from them. Now , can you please advise if we can issue notice to B.N eNagaj for the same or is there any other procedure. Regards Sreenidhi S S/O S.LATAHA SREE